Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Encounters with the Cube

Look at what I've come across Toys R Us in Robinson's Galleria! It's a Rubik's Revenge!

My Unopened Rubik's Revenge

I originally intended to buy a new Rubik's Cube, so I can get back on track with my speedcubing and show my officemates how fast I can go (I miss my sub-30s days *sniff*). But since the number of Rubik's Revenge cubes available here in the Philippines is pretty limited, I unquestionably bought one (worth ~$10) and decided to raise my cube addiction a level further. This will do, this will be worth it.

It will be a fresh start because this is the first time for me to get a hold of a Rubik's Revenge. It'll take time before I could tame this thing. I just bought it this lunchtime, opened it this afternoon and solved it (without any references or guides, just logic and previous knowledge) this evening. Yes, it took quite some time. *evil grin*

The power is mine!

I conquered the Rubik's Revenge within a day, but I couldn't tame it yet. But still, a solved cube is still a solved cube! Now that I got that hang of it, it's time to learn more methods. For now, I'm aiming for a sub-2m, head on!

But that's it for now! This post merely relieved me of my excitement on having a Rubik's Revenge. :P
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