Monday, May 19, 2008

Dog In A Box


This is something that stuck in my mind when I was on a long trip and the bus had to stop for a break.

At around 1am, the bus parked in front of the canteen of a stop-over point. Some of the passengers took a walk, some used the toilet, and some had a snack. I stayed out to do some stretching and to spend the few minutes relaxing. Then I suddenly heard a faint but familiar sound.

"Arf! Arf!"

I walked to the other side of the bus where I think the sound came from. It was where the luggage compartment was located. I saw a middle-aged man, a fellow passenger, bringing out from the compartment a large box with a hole cut open in one side.

"He must've been checking on his goods to deliver to the province," I thought. But to my surprise, a long furry thing sprung out of the cutout. Then it suddenly wagged and the arf-arf's went on louder.

"Haha, that thing probably got scared during the travel and he's now relieved to see his master checking on him on the break."

Nothing profound there. Just my thoughts.