Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Master and the Apprentice

Once upon a time, there was a noble master and there was a proud student.

The student always completed the lessons however they are done. Great as he sees himself, he was always scolded by the master of his tiny flaws. The flaws in the form that the master has corrected was constantly ignored by the arrogant student. The master said,

"The flaws in the form may be tiny at present, but will outgrow you tomorrow."

A shrug was all the student could reply.

Soon, the day came when the fellow students were pitted against each other. The proud student emerged victorious among everyone he has faced--again, in whatever way possible.

The master took notice and once again scolded the student,

"Do not fight to win, fight to better yourself."

The student did not take heed, and left the school to continue challenging the fighters of the world.

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There are three licenses I use most of the time.

I use the Apache Software License (ASLv2) when I want to make money out of Open Source Software, it's simple and easy to integrate with other software.

I acknowledge the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) whenever I put my FLOSS hat on. This is pretty nasty to do business with, so it's better off used in spreading the teachings of The Force of Open Source to the uninformed.

I apply the Creative Commons license (CC) in my presentations, photos and content materials because it has specialized clauses on how you can control your material. Not only does it encourage you to share, it makes you look real friendly too.

Then for all things not thought deeply enough of, or stuff I don't care much of, there's the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL).

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat (10.10) Release Party is a Go!

Scheduled on Saturday October 23, the event will be held simultaneously in the different parts of the Philippines. The participating regions are Manila, Cebu, Puerto Princesa and Zamboanga among others.

Release parties are fun. I enjoy the freebies, talks and/or hackathons. Sometimes even just plain geekery. But most of the time, I get to meet people of different opinions revolving around how Ubuntu affects their lives in front of the computer. Some users showcase their customizations, while some share stories on how they battled configuration issues. Some victories, some tragedies. The mix keeps it interesting.

I've been to a couple release parties so far. The first was the hilarious flash mob and the second was the event sponsored by our office, both in Manila.

It's a good thing our company supports events related to Open Source and technology, it exposes us employees to a variety of ideas and communities.

This time will be different for me, I'm celebrating it in Cebu! This will be Cebu's first time to hold an Ubuntu release party, after a failed attempt for last summer's Lucid Lynx. What makes it more different is that I volunteered to act as spokesperson to the Cebu Ubuntu Users Group in behalf of the official Ubuntu-PH LoCo. I'll be reaching out to them, to help them get recognized as part of the official LoCo.

There will be lots of things to talk about and many experiences to share! But for now, party time first! As a treat, I'll be bringing a box of pressed CDs from Canonical c/o the LoCo head Zak.


I'll see you on Saturday! It's gonna be at JIVE RestoBar in Lahug, starting at 6:00pm until 10:00pm.

For the Cebu party, here's the forum thread and registration page.

For the Manila party, follow the thread here and register here.

For the Puerto Princesa party, you may register here.