Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Family Dog

The Happy Dog

Back home in elbi (LB, or Los Banos), we have this interestingly funny thing running around the yard--the family dog. It's a 5-man-year lab crossed to a chow, and was given to us by our cousin when it was still a clueless pup. It stands up to a little over 2 feet tall, has an intimidating build and barks annonyingly loud. It even looks like a German shepherd had it not have its ears folded! Despite all that, you'll find it surprising to be very hospitable--even towards visitors! Heck, it humped one of my friends the first time I invited him over!

Everytime I go home in elbi, playing with this dog is one of the things I look forward to. It is sport enough for my bullying, game for all the running and chasing around the yard, and very cheerful for playing around with tricks. By tricks, I mean this thing knows how to fetch non-food items we throw afar. Even with its huge size, it is quite amazing it can climb the chairs and tables, and walks on the porch fence, or wherever we point it to go to.

Whenever I bum in the yard with this dog, I'm used to getting hit by its nunchaku-like tail-wagging. It occasionally chews on my forearm, probably thinking it was some doggie bone toy. I wrestle with this dog, and I don't mind the drool at all. I'll just make it up for the bath anyway.

At the end of the day, what I find special is when I stay up late at night in the yard when I feel like meditating after weeks of stress, and this dog shares the serene atmosphere with me. Truly calming. Truly a man's best friend.
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