Saturday, July 7, 2007


In my routine of checking mail and feeds this morning, I chanced upon a video of Utada Hikaru's ぼくわくま (Boku wa Kuma, or I'm a Bear in English). I can't take it off my head so I felt like blogging about it.

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The video begins with Kuma falling off the bed, and that woke him up.
Shhh, I fall off the bed often too.

He does his activies indoor, so I suppose he's a homebody or he's not allowed to get out.
Like I was in high school.

Kuma starts his day reading a book, but finds it boring so he goofs around with his toys instead.
The typical me.

Then he checks up on his plant by the window, watering it with water, then milk, then juice. The plant grew right away so it pretty much surprised him.
With a plant growing that quick, who wouldn't? Maybe it's the milk.

The lyrics say that Kuma's rival was Fried Shrimp, but I don't know what that means. Maybe Kuma is allergic to shrimp? Or maybe Fried Shrimp is another character?

He plays the guitar and flies through his fantasies.
I used to play the guitar too, but I never thought of getting p4wnd by Godzilla in my fantasies!

Suddenly, a ball shattered his window and he can't seem to find who the culprit is. So he sets the ball aside, procrastinates on cleaning the window debris then decides to play silly. Kuma soon cleaned the mess at the end of the day.
Maaan, the way Kuma waited until the end of the day before doing something is so much like me!

At the end of the day, Kuma fixed his stuff and played a tune for the night before going back to bed.

Well that's all about Kuma...and me! I found many similar traits between me and Kuma. Maybe that's why I liked Kuma's video so much. I never thought I'd recall how I was years ago by watching this video.

All in all, the video was really nice and the song was easy to understand and sing along.

...was what I wanted to say, but I was thinking of:

w00t! teh bear wuz uber c00l, I had teh same b0XX0rz at $HOME and the song gave me the LSS!

Cheers! Enjoy the video!
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